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Wrinkle treatment, dermal fillers, facial / scalp PRP, and latest skin treatments including microneedling with RF, HydraFacial, fractional skin resurfacing with RF, micro-pigmentation, permanent cosmetic vitiligo / scar camouflage, laser hair removal, Emsculpt, and chemical peels.

Best Spa Combos for Better results

Glowing Skin

HydraFacial Platinum

The ultimate facial experience for the best skin of your life! We’ll begin with lymphatic drainage. Then profoundly cleanse, extract and hydrate your delicate features so that they can be more radiant than ever before – it’s all in this one fantastic package.

youthful look

Wrinkle removal + Microneedling

Microneedling and wrinkle removal combo treatment is a great way to get rid of your age signs. It works like this: First, we clean your skin with an astringent solution before applying numbing agents 30 minutes prior, so it doesn’t hurt too much during procedure time! Then we use either one or two needles deep into our clients’ faces to nourish their deeper layer while stopping overproduction, which leads us toward a younger-looking appearance.

smooth skin

Full Body laser hair Removal

The laser hair removal treatment is perfect for people who want smooth, radiant skin without worrying about shaving or using waxes. The full-body version is for all body parts with pigment-rich hairs, including underarms and feet. It’s so compelling you may not ever need to pick up a razor again!
Basic / MD HydraFacial

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Here at our spa, we understand that skincare is essential for your life. It’s more than just a luxury – it’s what keeps you looking young and beautiful!

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Endospheres Therapy

April 2022

Spring Rejuvenation in New York City

The feeling of new life emerging from the soil can’t be matched by any other time of year. As we experience this incredible cycle with all its beauty, it’s essential to take care of our physical selves and our emotional stability and well-being!

May 2022

Laser Hair Removal best practices

Laser hair removal can be an excellent option for those who want their skin to stay smooth and free from unwanted hairs. However, before you schedule your appointment, at least one month must pass since any form of removing the root began so as not to affect what area will eventually get treated by laser treatments in an upcoming session.

June 2022

Summertime skincare suggestions

We are entering into the most dangerous season for your skin. The sun’s harsh rays can cause damage to our complexions over time, even if we’re careful when applying sunscreen and staying out of direct sunlight as much as possible! Preventive measures include:
  • Drinking plenty of water throughout the day (which also helps keep you hydrated).
  • Moisturizing with rich creams or lotions that will soothe sensitive areas.
  • Using SPF 30+ products every morning, especially before going swimming).

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