Laser Hair Removal Full Body

Full Body Laser Hair Removal
  • Quick and painless treatment
  • Targets a wide variety of areas
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and hair-free
  • Affordable compared to other methods


We offer a full-body laser hair removal service, and our experts can target just about any area you want to remove. What makes the experience special? It’s all in how we approach your skin with pinpoint accuracy!
The time spent on one person may vary depending upon what part of their anatomy needs attention- from his hands or feet up past head level to whatever location offers him ultimate smoothness maintenance (even lower). For example: If someone has an appointment on weekdays he will probably be there for around 90 minutes, while weekends could last two hours.

7 Parts 6 sessions: $1,200

If you have questions call (212) 749-1000

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