Refresh Your Face With a Skin Tightening Laser Facial

Skin Tightening Laser Facial

With summer fast approaching, you will want a fresh and glowing complexion that is ready to have fun in the sun! Here at our location in New York City, New York, we provide laser skin tightening to get the desired look and feel of someone rejuvenated and ready to have a good time. Effectively reducing fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin, this treatment requires no surgery.

This minimally-invasive remedy is done using an infrared light source (or laser). By heating the underlying collagen, it causes the skin’s surface to tighten. Before this treatment, be sure to have a fresh and clean face that has no materials (makeup, lotion, creams, etc.). A topical anesthetic cream will be applied, and you will be given protective eyewear. It’s common to feel mild stinging, but any discomfort should dissipate after your session within 24-48 hours.

With a handheld device, brief pulses of laser energy will be applied to the skin with a comforting burst of cool air. The session typically takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes, and we may go over the area several times. The average amount of treatments patients need are about six, with each session performed every two to four weeks.

The best part of this treatment is no downtime is needed! You can come in for your scheduled appointment and notice a difference in how you feel. After about four sessions, you will notice a change. This is a more safe and effective treatment to create the firm and tightening look you desire in comparison to laser resurfacing.

Laser resurfacing uses pulsating beams that require downtime and can increase acne breakouts. Our skin tightening facial is safer, requires no downtime, and delivers phenomenal results in comparison to this treatment, leaving your skin smoother and softer than ever!

People who qualify for this treatment include the following:

  • Wrinkly or uneven skin
  • Fine lines around facial features
  • Facial tones
  • Skin laxity
  • Other problem areas across the body

With a personalized treatment and a consultation to help you feel at home and comfortable, Manhattan Medspa focuses on what your skin needs and what we can do together to achieve your desired look. If you have questions, our experts here at Manhattan Medspa will be happy to answer those for you. Give us a call at 212-749-1000 and set up a free consultation today!